Adventure Yarns: "Lake Michigan Shores"

This Spring, I started a line of fibers I dyed based on snapshots from my adventures. They capture truly terrific moments, and of course there is a story behind it! This colorway was inspired by the following story: 

This picture captures the smooth color transition of sand to sea to sky of the glorious Lake Michigan. Since this is the closest this Midwesterner will get to an ocean, I still find it pretty breathtaking. I've spent many wonderful trips and memories at its' beaches in the summertime, but this picture was not taken in summer. 

I had a presentation in Chesterton, Indiana in early March. This is near the Indiana Dunes, a place I had always heard of but never visited. The Duneland Weaver's Guild was a fantastically creative group of ladies who inspired me with their handiwork, humbleness and talent. I truly felt in the presence of greatness! 

After the presentation, a group of us went for local bbq. It's such a nice tradition, as members get to become acquainted with the presenter in a more casual environment. Following our meal, I shared that I wanted to go see the Dunes. A bunch of people piped up with suggestions and directions, but one sweet gal, seeing my perplexed look, offered to drive me to the Dunes and I could follow. Relieved, I gladly accepted. 

She took me to a little tucked away beach that wound through vacation homes, pretty barren woods, and breathtaking knolls. With each rise, I could see a little peek of the Dunes ahead. When a full view came in sight, it was glorious. Blue skies, sandy beaches and rolling dunes carved out the coastline for miles. I thanked her, got out and zipped up my parka. It had to be at least fifteen here I was in a down parka, with my fur hood up, gloves on, trekking through the sand. 

Biting cold was no match for me, I told myself. With a sky so clear and a blue so deep, you couldn't miss out on this. I could see Chicago's skyline across the water! It was so nice to see this beautiful sight, even if in chilliest of circumstances. I decided I had to have that "foot selfie" everyone gets at the beach, so I posed by boots in the sand. Deciding the sun was at the wrong angle, and thinking how much more awesome the photo could be if my feet were in the water, I turned my back to the water and waded in a few feet so I could capture the light on the light lapping waves. Camera posed and ready, I waited for a gentle wave to roll up and snap! Well that wave wasn't so gentle and it went OVER my boots. Yes. I now had wet socks and wet boots and a two hour drive home. 

Ahhhh..... but that picture was worth it, I told myself. And the moment. And the memory. And the fact that it inspired beauty that will inspire you. Sometimes life is just like that. When we are trying to get it perfect, a wave comes up and takes us by surprise. Yet we take it all in, as part of the process. The moment and the memory will be worth it. Trust me.